Six Important Vegetables You Should Be Eating In Your Life

Veggies are no doubt an important element of our food. It is really a cheap source of a variety of minerals. There are various ways of cooking vegetables. You can also eat them raw. Similarly, they can also be eaten after being purchased in cans. Different forms of vegetables will have a different amount of minerals present in them. The best form is raw when all minerals are present whereas when cooked some are lost.

Different veggies provide different minerals which can be:

a) Vitamin A

b) Vitamin K

c) Vitamin E

d) Potassium

e) Folate

f) Fiber

While we continue eating simple vegetables every day we forget some important veggies that our body needs. They are:

1) Kohlrabi

It resembles a bulbous green turnip. Its stalks are long and green. You can eat this vegetable in two ways, the leaves if soft can be eaten as it is. Whereas if an adult they can be sautéed. It can also be cooked like cauliflower. You would be surprised to know that half cup provides almost 70% of vitamin C needed in a single day.

2) Jicama

Although it has an appearance similar to a potato but, it tastes sweet. You have to peel the outer layer and then take out the inner part. Then you can cut it into pieces. If you want a spicy along with sweet flavor, then you can add lime and chili pepper. A half cup of this veggie provides 22% of vitamin C needed during the day.

3) Edamame

It resembles a pea. It is usually available in frozen form. It has a very good flavor. You can eat it with the combination of rice. It is not only rich in proteins but also contains the following nutrients:

a) 45% of folate

b) 23% of vitamin K

c) 30% of magnesium

4) Salad green

These greens include:

a) Watercress

b) Chicory

c) Fennel green

d) Arugula

e) Beet green

f) Spinach

All these are rich in photo chemicals and nutrients. They are very soft and can be eaten easily as a salad. Thus you don’t have to cook. Must be very good for people wanting to diet. They provide iron, dietary fiber, calcium vitamin A, and C.

5) Romanesco

Thus vegetable is similar to broccoli. It also resembles cauliflower. So you can cook it similar to as you cook cauliflower. Although cooked similar to cauliflower it tastes slightly different. So you get a veggie different from cauliflower. You won’t say I am eating cauliflower because of a slight difference in taste. Besides fiber, it contains three vitamins that are: A, E, and K. Moreover it also possesses folate, iron, zinc and protein.

6)  Samphire

This veggie is bit smaller than asparagus. It comes from the ocean. It can be eaten simply by steaming or in combination with sushi. It has calcium, iron and three vitamins A, B, and C. It has a salty flavor. It can be made in combination with many other veggies.

So from now onwards add these veggies to your diet and gain enormous benefits of nutrients present in them.

9 Easy Clothing Tips For Ladies

Despite the bundle of clothes, shoes, and bags you are unable to decide what to wear and are never satisfied with what you wear. Do not worry you are not alone there are many women out there who face the same problem every day. Here are a few tips to help you out in choosing the perfect outfit or improve your existing ones:

1. Belts are your best friend

Using a belt with any dress will enhance your looks and will make you more elegant and pretty. By using a belt, you could also show off your figure, and by using a belt, a thinner waistline is shown which would add to the beauty of your body figure.

2. Why don’t you try menswear?

Always be acceptable to change and try to change even by trying some menswear which is a lot more comfortable than women clothing.
3. Always have a spare garment with you – You might need it

You should always have an extra clothing with you because it will be really helpful in any sort of emergency situations when you have to reach a place and don’t have time for shopping or buying a new dress. At that point, that specific spare dress will help.

4. There’s nothing better than tailored clothes

Tailored clothes are more elegant and are fitter than usual readymade clothes which are not sewn according to your perfect figure so try to wear tailored clothes. For this, you need to find a talented tailor who will customize your clothes for you.

5. S, M and L bags

Try to have three type of bags i.e. small, medium and large. These three sizes will help you to match with any outfit for any occasion and try to have more of that type which you use most because it will easily be worn out.

6. Learn to handle your luggage

Try to learn how to pack the clothes and travel with the packed suitcase without any clothes that have worn out.

7. Upgrade your sewing skills

Sewing skills are the essential skills need to be learned, and if not learned they will surely cause embarrassment in one’s life so try to upgrade these skills from time to time.

8. Purchase White Button Down Shirts

If you want a shirt to go with jeans and skirts, then go for white button down shirts. They will look good for any occasion and come handy when you are unable to decide what to wear. However, these shirts have a short shelf life which means you need to purchase two or three shirts at a time. They need to be washed regularly and make sure you do not over bleach them.

9. Take care of your clothes

Doing all things mentioned above and making a good collection of clothes will be of no worth if you don’t take care of your clothes because it will make your clothes easily worn out and quality of the fabric would seriously be damaged. Washing with hands, ironing and using a good detergent will enhance the quality of material very easily.

Steps To Doing A Natural Makeup

Heavy loaded makeup doesn’t look good all the time; some things should be left for special events. Nowadays, a trend has started where women prefer doing a light makeup combined with fancy clothing. Doing natural makeup may seem like something easy, but it takes technique. You have to make sure that you cover your imperfections without making your face look layered with makeup. This article will guide you through those simple steps;

#1 Perfect your skin

Before starting off with anything it is extremely important that you wash your face and exfoliate as well, so you get rid of all the dirt and oil accumulated on your face. After doing so, you must dab your skin with a clean towel to dry it.

#2 Moisturize and even out

Now put a moisturizer that matches your skin type and makes the skin smooth. Moving on it is the time to put on a light beauty balm. You can find plenty of skin balms that can put a light covering on your face. It will even out your skin tone too as this is not as heavy as a foundation, it blends easily.

#3 Conceal

Pick up any concealer, and use it where you find any flaws. If you have dark circles, then use it under your eyes and dab it with fingers to blend. Make sure you don’t use too much because that will only make blemishes more prominent.

#4 Use powder

Use a really small amount of powder that absorbs your oil and gives your face a smooth look. Be sure to not make a cakey look by using too much powder. Keep it natural and only use if you need it.

#5 Pick a blush

Choose a creamy color like peach or light pink that gives a natural look. Use it on your cheekbones and spread it evenly.

#6 Define the prominent features

Now that you have your face put in one clean color tone, it is time to define two most important of your face features. Choose a light lip color depending on your skin color and apply it after putting a lip liner. You can go for a nude too but only if it suits your skin color. For your eyes, you can use a mascara to give volume to your lashes. The lashes alone will give a fresh look, but if you want some more then you can even put a thin liner on top.

#7 Crease

Pick a soft, brownish tint and use it on your eyelids. Eyelids look weary most of the time and this will give a little shine and will enhance your eyes. Blend the brownish tint till it blends perfectly with your skin, just make sure it is one shade darker than your skin color.

These entire steps will perfect your natural makeup look, and you’re good to go. There is one thing you should be careful about, and that is doing all this makeup in the daylight or bright light, so you don’t mix the colors.

Know About The Beauty Secrets Of Jennifer Aniston

Jennifer Aniston is popular because of her acting skills, and her beauty. Recently, she has received the title of most beautiful woman alive which has created a buzz in the entertainment news and film industry. It’s been two decades since Jennifer Aniston has looked young as if her skin has stopped aging. This actress is famous for her timeless beauty. She is 47 and still looks fantastic and flawless. Her skin looks young and tight with absolute no signs of aging or fine lines. Many women are dying to know the Jennifer Aniston anti aging wrinkle cream so that they may also look beautiful and glowing.

Recently she has revealed her beauty secret in an interview. She said that a woman should apply less make up on her face if she wants her face to look young and attractive. Natural looks are always considered as the best looks that a woman has. She also said that she drinks a plenty of water which keeps her body hydrated as well as her skin. Moisture is also important for your skin as it makes your skin look soft and attractive. Water also cleans your skin pores and brightens your skin. Mentioned below are some of the beauty products that Jennifer Aniston uses on a daily basis to keep her skin look alive.

Aveeno’s Natural Protection SPF50: This is a sunscreen lotion that Jennifer Aniston uses to protect her skin against the harmful ultraviolet rays of sun. This sunscreen lotion acts as a barrier between your skin and the harmful UV rays. It contains SPF50 which blocks the ultraviolet rays which cause damage to our skin cells. This sunscreen lotion is prepared by using the extract of oat kernel, Active natural oat ingredients which nourish your delicate face skin. It also prevents sun burn and provides protection against sun effects such as skin cancer, or early skin aging due to harmful UV rays. The more you will expose your skin to the sun, the greater are the chances of getting your skin damaged or skin cancer. A sunscreen with SPF 15 or more value is considered ideal for providing protection against the UV rays.

Dr. Hauschka Rose Day Cream: This Rose day cream helps and supports your skin’s regenerative powers and provides protection to normal skin, sensitive skin, dry skin, and aging skin. This cream provides nourishment to your skin and also protects the skin cells from getting damaged. Extracts of rose oil in this cream acts as a layer between the skin and the outer environment which blocks the moisture and holds it in the skin to keep it hydrated all the time.

Mila Moursi lifting serum: This advanced anti aging serum lifts your skin and makes it tight and elastic. This serum oxygenates and revitalizes your skin cells so that the skin cells can regenerate naturally.

Mila Moursi Cream: Mila Moursi cream maintains the tone of your skin as well as restores the skin back to its younger times. Collagen and elastin provide elasticity to your skin cells as well as boost the growth of new skin cells.