9 Easy Clothing Tips For Ladies

Despite the bundle of clothes, shoes, and bags you are unable to decide what to wear and are never satisfied with what you wear. Do not worry you are not alone there are many women out there who face the same problem every day. Here are a few tips to help you out in choosing the perfect outfit or improve your existing ones:

1. Belts are your best friend

Using a belt with any dress will enhance your looks and will make you more elegant and pretty. By using a belt, you could also show off your figure, and by using a belt, a thinner waistline is shown which would add to the beauty of your body figure.

2. Why don’t you try menswear?

Always be acceptable to change and try to change even by trying some menswear which is a lot more comfortable than women clothing.
3. Always have a spare garment with you – You might need it

You should always have an extra clothing with you because it will be really helpful in any sort of emergency situations when you have to reach a place and don’t have time for shopping or buying a new dress. At that point, that specific spare dress will help.

4. There’s nothing better than tailored clothes

Tailored clothes are more elegant and are fitter than usual readymade clothes which are not sewn according to your perfect figure so try to wear tailored clothes. For this, you need to find a talented tailor who will customize your clothes for you.

5. S, M and L bags

Try to have three type of bags i.e. small, medium and large. These three sizes will help you to match with any outfit for any occasion and try to have more of that type which you use most because it will easily be worn out.

6. Learn to handle your luggage

Try to learn how to pack the clothes and travel with the packed suitcase without any clothes that have worn out.

7. Upgrade your sewing skills

Sewing skills are the essential skills need to be learned, and if not learned they will surely cause embarrassment in one’s life so try to upgrade these skills from time to time.

8. Purchase White Button Down Shirts

If you want a shirt to go with jeans and skirts, then go for white button down shirts. They will look good for any occasion and come handy when you are unable to decide what to wear. However, these shirts have a short shelf life which means you need to purchase two or three shirts at a time. They need to be washed regularly and make sure you do not over bleach them.

9. Take care of your clothes

Doing all things mentioned above and making a good collection of clothes will be of no worth if you don’t take care of your clothes because it will make your clothes easily worn out and quality of the fabric would seriously be damaged. Washing with hands, ironing and using a good detergent will enhance the quality of material very easily.