Six Important Vegetables You Should Be Eating In Your Life

Veggies are no doubt an important element of our food. It is really a cheap source of a variety of minerals. There are various ways of cooking vegetables. You can also eat them raw. Similarly, they can also be eaten after being purchased in cans. Different forms of vegetables will have a different amount of minerals present in them. The best form is raw when all minerals are present whereas when cooked some are lost.

Different veggies provide different minerals which can be:

a) Vitamin A

b) Vitamin K

c) Vitamin E

d) Potassium

e) Folate

f) Fiber

While we continue eating simple vegetables every day we forget some important veggies that our body needs. They are:

1) Kohlrabi

It resembles a bulbous green turnip. Its stalks are long and green. You can eat this vegetable in two ways, the leaves if soft can be eaten as it is. Whereas if an adult they can be sautéed. It can also be cooked like cauliflower. You would be surprised to know that half cup provides almost 70% of vitamin C needed in a single day.

2) Jicama

Although it has an appearance similar to a potato but, it tastes sweet. You have to peel the outer layer and then take out the inner part. Then you can cut it into pieces. If you want a spicy along with sweet flavor, then you can add lime and chili pepper. A half cup of this veggie provides 22% of vitamin C needed during the day.

3) Edamame

It resembles a pea. It is usually available in frozen form. It has a very good flavor. You can eat it with the combination of rice. It is not only rich in proteins but also contains the following nutrients:

a) 45% of folate

b) 23% of vitamin K

c) 30% of magnesium

4) Salad green

These greens include:

a) Watercress

b) Chicory

c) Fennel green

d) Arugula

e) Beet green

f) Spinach

All these are rich in photo chemicals and nutrients. They are very soft and can be eaten easily as a salad. Thus you don’t have to cook. Must be very good for people wanting to diet. They provide iron, dietary fiber, calcium vitamin A, and C.

5) Romanesco

Thus vegetable is similar to broccoli. It also resembles cauliflower. So you can cook it similar to as you cook cauliflower. Although cooked similar to cauliflower it tastes slightly different. So you get a veggie different from cauliflower. You won’t say I am eating cauliflower because of a slight difference in taste. Besides fiber, it contains three vitamins that are: A, E, and K. Moreover it also possesses folate, iron, zinc and protein.

6)  Samphire

This veggie is bit smaller than asparagus. It comes from the ocean. It can be eaten simply by steaming or in combination with sushi. It has calcium, iron and three vitamins A, B, and C. It has a salty flavor. It can be made in combination with many other veggies.

So from now onwards add these veggies to your diet and gain enormous benefits of nutrients present in them.