Steps To Doing A Natural Makeup

Heavy loaded makeup doesn’t look good all the time; some things should be left for special events. Nowadays, a trend has started where women prefer doing a light makeup combined with fancy clothing. Doing natural makeup may seem like something easy, but it takes technique. You have to make sure that you cover your imperfections without making your face look layered with makeup. This article will guide you through those simple steps;

#1 Perfect your skin

Before starting off with anything it is extremely important that you wash your face and exfoliate as well, so you get rid of all the dirt and oil accumulated on your face. After doing so, you must dab your skin with a clean towel to dry it.

#2 Moisturize and even out

Now put a moisturizer that matches your skin type and makes the skin smooth. Moving on it is the time to put on a light beauty balm. You can find plenty of skin balms that can put a light covering on your face. It will even out your skin tone too as this is not as heavy as a foundation, it blends easily.

#3 Conceal

Pick up any concealer, and use it where you find any flaws. If you have dark circles, then use it under your eyes and dab it with fingers to blend. Make sure you don’t use too much because that will only make blemishes more prominent.

#4 Use powder

Use a really small amount of powder that absorbs your oil and gives your face a smooth look. Be sure to not make a cakey look by using too much powder. Keep it natural and only use if you need it.

#5 Pick a blush

Choose a creamy color like peach or light pink that gives a natural look. Use it on your cheekbones and spread it evenly.

#6 Define the prominent features

Now that you have your face put in one clean color tone, it is time to define two most important of your face features. Choose a light lip color depending on your skin color and apply it after putting a lip liner. You can go for a nude too but only if it suits your skin color. For your eyes, you can use a mascara to give volume to your lashes. The lashes alone will give a fresh look, but if you want some more then you can even put a thin liner on top.

#7 Crease

Pick a soft, brownish tint and use it on your eyelids. Eyelids look weary most of the time and this will give a little shine and will enhance your eyes. Blend the brownish tint till it blends perfectly with your skin, just make sure it is one shade darker than your skin color.

These entire steps will perfect your natural makeup look, and you’re good to go. There is one thing you should be careful about, and that is doing all this makeup in the daylight or bright light, so you don’t mix the colors.